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The main statue of Byodoji Temple
Yakushi Nyorai (Tathāgata of Bhaiṣajyaguru)

When Kukai Kobo Daishi visited here and meditated about 1200 years ago, the shape of Buddha appeared in his mind.

Kukai gave vow the following to Buddha.

"I shall equarity cure everybody's illness of mind and body."

— Kukai, 814

So what he sculptured by himself is Yakushi Nyorai seated statue, the main statue of Byodoji temple.

After about 600 years had passed since then, it was remade into the Japanese cypress yosegi-zukuri style gilded statue with the same image as the first one, and the one is extant. Being protected by Suryaprabha (Bodhisattva of the light of the sun), Candraprabha (Bodhisattva of the light of the moon) , and the Twelve Heavenly Generals, it is sitting before your eyes in our own day.

The "Yakko" (medicine bowl) on its left hand is what the first statue had and still retains the original shape at the time when Kukai sculptured it.

Please chant the mantra of Yakushi Nyorai with touching the five color rope tied between the original "Yakko" created by Kukai and the main gate of Byodoji temple when you pray.

oṃ huru huru caṇḍāli mātaṅgi svāhā